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Facbook Page!

2012-10-09 15:41:05 by NewgroundSage

Zombie Doll is respectfully created and crafted by Jeff Short and I am proud to say that he now has a fan page of his future work. If you want to learn more on whats going on read my previous post. Also to note you can show your patronage by hitting the "Like" button on there to show some support for the guy, he's a swell and great man! On the page you can actually go onto his project site as well and also an E-mail link is there to tell Jeff what you think and show some proper support for him. If you want to cut away from the Facebook page and to the main site to see what the hype is about I reiterate, check out my previous news bulletin. Thank you my fellow Newgrounders for having the time to read this page. Have a splendid time here on Newgrounds!

Link: http://www.facebook.com/ZombieDollFlashanimation FanPage?sk=page_insights

Facbook Page!


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2012-10-12 01:52:24

Facebook is retarded and so is the trollface.

NewgroundSage responds:

Well played on your opinion but your missing the point "Mate". The subject that you've randomly just responded to is about "supporting" Jeff Short's work. Instead of being a bored, ignorant, rotund little fool and just thinking that its real cute to just post whatever crap on somebody's elses page all willie nillie then my friend it doesn't earn you any points. If your going to be stupid about doing that then you shouldn't be on this site. This site is for the "Mature" and the contrived you know. And from what your showing me, you lack any assets and essentials of a natural mind. And to make a quick note, Facebook is stupid but what's worser than it is Twitter. Good day.


2014-12-02 15:11:45

jeff weise's ghost says hi